Meldon Consultants
4949 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 201
Naples, FL 34103
(239) 435-0424
FAX: (239) 435-0426

Bill Moore, Owner
[email protected]

MAINTENANCE FEE POLICY – Fees are due ON OR BEFORE the first day of each quarter; January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Make your check payable to Glen Eden HOA and mail to:
Glen Eden HOA
c/o Iberia Bank
P.O. Box 10423
Naples, FL 34101

A late fee of $35.00 is charged on any payment received after the 10th day of the month in which the payment is due, and interest charges of 18% per annum begin accruing from the 1st of the month. Payments received are credited first against any late fees and interest charges that may already be on your account, and then against your maintenance fees.

If you have questions concerning the common areas, gate, fountains, your lawn service, or billing, please contact the management company.

If any of your personal data changes, i.e. your phone numbers, email, northern address, etc., notify management AND the Communications Committee.