The Glen Eden Homeowner’s Association (GEHOA) is a Florida Chapter 720 not-for-profit corporation governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Homeowner Associations are a combination of community, government and business. Residents who choose to live in Glen Eden agree to abide by written covenants or Documents that:

  • control the operation of our association
  • preserve the architectural integrity of the community to help maintain or enhance property values
  • maintain the common elements – common grounds, landscaping, lakes, fountains, clubhouse, pool and spa area

 A board of 5 directors

  • is elected by our 97 homeowners. Each director is elected for a 2-year term; 3 are elected one year, 2 the next.
  • makes the decisions regarding the common elements as well as the management and operation of the association’s business affairs
  • has a fiduciary duty to put the interest of the association’s homeowners collectively first

 Mandatory maintenance fees

  • provide for running the business of the community and maintaining all common area items
  • provide for the lawn care and shrub maintenance on YOUR lot.

For more detailed information read over the Glen Eden Documents and By-laws. They are found by hovering over Homeowners Info at the top of the front page of the Glen Eden Website and clicking on Glen Eden HOA Documents. 

Volunteers are vital to the operation of a successful homeowners association. Homeowners’ Associations operate primarily on volunteer power.  Involvement helps bind us together as a shared community.  There is always a need for committee members, someone to organize an event or new activity, welcome a new neighbor, or even run for office.  You have an opportunity to make a real difference in your community and become part of its history as we go forward.  Glen Eden – where neighbors work together!