This list is provided as a quick reference for your use and the use of your guests.  This condensed version is not meant to alter, change or interpret the rules as written.  Please refer to the official Homeowner Documents for the actual text.

Reference #    Title            Brief description  

Use of title “Glen Eden” The name or title Glen Eden may not be used for any activity or enterprise not specifically approved by the Board.
3.5 Lien Can place lien if maintenance or other fees are not paid in a timely manner
3.8 Late payment fee A late fee of $35 will be assessed 10 days following maintenance fee payment due date.
4.1 Common area Collier County has right to enter for official purposes.
4.6 Lawn maintenance easement Lawn maintenance easement – right to enter property to maintain lawn
5.3 Association maintenance
Lawn care and maintenance is responsibility of the Association. Requests for planting of trees and shrubs must be submitted to ARC for review and approval. Residents may plant flowers on their own lot, without ARC approval. Replacement of trees or shrubs on individual parcels shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner.
6.2 Exterior changes to home or landscaping All owners and their contractors shall comply with the construction regulations of the Glen Eden Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and with any construction regulations adopted from time to time by the committee or the Board.
7.1 Residences Each residence shall be occupied by only one family at a time. No lot or any portion thereof can be used for commercial office purposes.
7.6 Pets Limit 2 pets per household. No person owning or in custody of an animal shall allow it to infringe or stray upon another’s lot. All animals shall be on a leash when outside the owner’s lot and not allowed to roam or run free. All waste must be picked up from lawns immediately and disposed of properly. Pets shall be defined as cats, dogs and other typical household animals. No exotic animals shall be permitted.
No pets are permitted in leased residences.
7.7 Nuisances No obnoxious or offensive activity or nuisance shall be carried on or be permitted to exist.
7.8 Signs The owner of each residence may place one (1) “FOR SALE” sign on their property. The sign may contain the realtor’s name, phone number and logo. The owner of each residence may also place two (2) signs that identify the name of the company providing security monitoring for the property. One such sign may be placed in the front yard of the home; the second one may be placed on the lakeside of the home.
7.11 Parking on driveway Operable vehicles can be left on owner’s driveway while owner is on vacation.
7.11 No parking No parking on lawns at any time.
7.11 No parking No resident overnight parking on roadways.
7.11 B Oversized vehicles Oversized shall be defined as vehicles that are too high to clear height of garage entrance
7.11 C Vehicle storage No abandoned, inoperable or oversize vehicle shall be stored or parked on any portion of a lot. This includes boats, trailers and RV vehicles. This shall not include vehicles parked in the garage.
7.11 C Inoperable vehicles Abandoned or inoperable shall be defined as not operating under own power.
7.11 C Removal of vehicles Vehicles can be removed with a 72-hour written notice.
7.15 Fences No dog runs or fences of any kind are to be permitted without approval of ARC
7.16 Garbage and refuse disposal
Garbage containers and recycle bins shall comply with rules for Collier County Ordinance 9147. Section 7 states that containers should be set out after 6 PM of the day prior to pickup and removed by 7 PM on the same day of pickup. No refuse or unsightly objects shall be permitted to accumulate on any lot. Except when out for pickup, garbage containers shall be kept in the garage.
7.17 Mailbox Mailbox shall be the same size, color, and have same post of a style or type determined by ARC.
7.22 Seasonal decorations Tasteful decorations of individual homes are authorized during the period from Thanksgiving through January 6th of the following year. Homeowners wishing to decorate common areas must first get approval from ARC.
7.23 Clotheslines Clotheslines, hangers or drying facilities shall not be visible from adjoining properties.
7.24 Wells No wells may be dug on an individual residential lot.
7.25 AntennasTV Dishes Antennas or dishes (one meter or smaller) may be placed without approval of the ARC. Must be situated for minimum impact on neighbors. Notify ARC of plans and installation.
7.29 Window coverings Neutral colors must face the street side of the property.
7.31 Lake restrictions No boats, no dumping, no annoying activities, and no pumping of water either into or from the lakes.
8.3 Duty to reconstruct
Repair to damaged property must commence within 90 days of the date of damage and be completed within 9 months thereafter.
9.6 Fees for sale or lease The Board shall charge a $100.00 fee for processing an application.
10.1 B Leasing An application to lease shall be provided to the Management Company no less than 10 days in advance of the first day of occupancy. All leases must be approved by the Board.
10.2 Term of lease Leases must be in writing and limited to two (2) times in any calendar year. The lease term is for no less than 30 days.
13.2 Owner compliance Owner must provide lessee with copy of all rules and regulations and be responsible to see that they are adhered to.